Tranzpayments Consulting
Transport Payments and Technology Consultants


We are a team of consultants with specialist expertise in Automated Fares and Collections (AFC) solutions utilised in Public Transport and Mobility as a Service.

We bring a wide range of specialist expertise covering the end to end solution from definition through selection to deployment.


Together, TranzPayments have in excess of 100 years' experience across a variety of AFC and similarly complex engagements. Collectively, TranzPayments Directors have delivered more than a dozen significant AFC engagements, plus a great many more comparable engagements deploying the range of skills and expertise required for the design, implementation and operation of modern AFC solutions.

The experience reflects the changing nature of AFC solutions: where financial services, telecoms and outsourcing knowledge are equally as relevant as understanding particular specialist AFC devices and systems. The move to Account Based Ticketing (ABT), Ticketing as aa Service (TaaS) and open-loop payments has dramatically changed the landscape for understanding, designing and delivering AFC solutions. TranzPayments has recognised these dramatic shifts and the collection of experience and skills developed around these step changes in the industry creates a compelling proposition.